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Burgundy Wine Tasting Notes

1961 Ponnelle Musigny - Easily the wine of the flight, and wine of the night, the Ponnelle Musigy was beautiful. Mint, leather, youthful clean fruit, with tannin well in proportion to the wines other components. Jan 2012

1969 Domaine Henry Lamarche La Grande Rue - Leather, dry, sweaty, earth and meat, was a lighter bodied elegant wine that initially had a funky nose, but blew off in time. Acidity was present, and subdued, did not pickup any signs of oxidation. Tasting this wine reminded me of a lesson learned many times over with burgs, don’t judge them too quickly, give them time in the glass and see where they go. In this case, a funky nose blew off and the result was a lovely aged delightful Burgundy! Dec 2011

1969 Leroy Echezeaux - Game, earth, asian spice, barnyard, balanced, and excellent structure, this was another outstanding wine. The bottle was in near pristine condition. Interesting enough, had this wine last year, and it showed quite different. This years bottle did not show the brighter blue fruit, and thick dark color of last years, showed more elegant secondary characteristics that made for an extraordinary wine. My top wine of the evening, could taste it for days. Dec 2011

1969 Louis Latour Santenay - A little blind surprise intermission wine before transitioning to the red flight. The Latour was toned down, with plenty of earth and mineral. No signs of oxidation. Have tasted very few Santenay, the last being an exceptional 1983 Pierre Bouree Santenay Les Gravieres. The Latour showed very well. Dec 2013

1980 Roty Charmes Chambertin - Chewy texture, earth, mineral, leather, with a touch of appealing green. Mature and very enjoyable, showed better than expectations. May 2011

1985 Joseph Voillot Volnay Champans - A stunning, exceptional wine! Leather, exotic well integrated blue and red fruits, subtle texture, ready to enjoy now, but plenty of structure to allow additional aging, a near perfect wine worth seeking out! May 2011

1985 Vogue Musigny - Similar to the Latour, tight and compact dark fruits, good firm acidity in balance with the fruit. Loved the wine, styllistically very different than the two Leroy. A lightbulb went off tasting this wine how really good mature Musigny tastes. Delicate, clean and more beautiful the longer it sat in the glass. Dec 2013

1986 P. Dubreuil-Fontaine Corton Charlemagne - Wax, honey, oxidized, drinkable, but past maturity. Opened more as a curiosity than anything, did not show very well. May 2011

1988 Comte Armand Pommard Clos de Epeneaux - Far more exotic, game meats, yet also well balanced, a very close second wine of the flight, but for very different reasons. May 2011

1990 Bertrand Ambroise Corton Rognet - Barnyard and dirty initally, cleaner with big blue and black fruits later. When the wine hit full stride, it was beautiful, but did not taste like a Corton, or anything remotely Burgundy. It did however go extremely well with the food, and showed very well overall. Dec 2012

1990 Comte Armand Pommard Clos de Epeneaux - A huge wine, young dark fruits, fat, dense, cola and cherry, a beautiful well integrated wine. One of the top wines of the night! May 2011

1990 Domaine Lecheneaut Les Damodes - Found this wine ok, not particularly great. Was in tough company next to a 1982 Chalone Pinot Noir. Picked up primarily wet saddle leather and stale plum qualities that did not show balanced or complex. A simple straight forward Burgundy. Aug 2013

1990 Domaine Leroy Boudot - A good, rich, full bodied wine with copious amounts of blue and black fruit. Found the wine to be mature, structure buried under the fruit. Kept expecting it to give more in the way of complexity, remained consistent from start to finish. No rush to open, will age gracefully for years. Dec 2013

1990 Dauvissat Les Preuses - The wine is on the downward slope of maturity, somewhat sherried, oxidized, waxy, not disappointing, but not thrilling either. Just an ok wine. May 2011

1990 DRC Grands Echezeaux - Ripe sweet cherry fruit, clean and pure, flashy, candied, menthol, thought it was a fantastic wine. Along with the 1969 Leroy Echezeaux, one of the top two wines of the evening. Was interesting to taste this after the 1991 flight and served as a distinct contrast, age worthy 91 vs ready to go 90. Dec 2011

1990 Hubert Lignier Clos de la Roche - The wine of the flight, and tied as wine of the night with the Leroy, another stunning wine! A riper style Clos de la Roche than expected, dense, structured, full bodied, raspberry fruits, was a near perfect wine! The finish was never ending. Struggling to think of a better Clos de la Roche ever tasted? From opening to finish, maintained a consistent style. Could easily continue to age the wine effortlessly for years. Feb 2012

1990 Jadot Mazis Chambertin - Another outstanding wine, very clean blue fruits, showed power, balance and complexity immediately, and for several hours. Another outstanding wine worth searching out. Together, thought the two Jadot combined to make for the flight of the night. Dec 2012

1990 Jadot Bonnes Mares - Fantastic! This was a great wine! Thought it very young with rich ripe fruit, excellent structure and bold in style. If there was a Burgundy that showed more California like, this was the wine. Still a good bit of upside to further cellaring. Wine of the night! Apr 2012

1990 Jean Gros Richebourg - Dense, dark fruits, brooding, reminded me of the 1991 DRC Richebourg opened last year, but more powerful and concentrated. In time, noted some subtle components, barnyard, menthol, it became more open knit in time. A fantastic wine that will age very well, no rush to open. Dec 2011

1990 Lafon Volnay Santenots du Milieu - Wet saddle leather, sappy, full mouthfeel and firm tannin, a nice wine that should improve with additional cellaring. May 2011

1990 Lafarge Volnay Clos des Chenes - Gamey, red and blue fruits, menthol, an absolutely gorgeous nuanced and near perfect drinking wine. The wine of the night! May 2011

1990 Marius Delarche Corton Renardes - A classic drinking Burgundy that actually tasted like a Corton. Raspberry, cranberry, leather, showed some initial plum ripeness that was not altogether appealing. As it sat in the glass, got leaner. Thought it was a good drinking wine, not great. Dec 2012

1991 Vogue Bonnes Mares - Firm acidity, clean dark fruits, and very youthful. This was a big wine, that would benefit by years of additional cellar aging. Thought the Bonnes Mares showed a little more subtle characteristics right now over the Musigny. Dec 2011

1991 Vogue Musigny Vieilles Vignes - Jammy raspberry fruit, firm acid backbone, tart, and also youthful. Another wine that would be wise to cellar for years before enjoying. Of the two Vogue, the more age worthy, and in the long run, suspect the better made wine. Dec 2011

1993 Jadot Chapelle Chambertin - Initally very tight and closed down, got extremely interesting and elegant the more it sat in the glass. Game meats, clean pure fruit, and great structure in a highly balanced and complex wine. An awesome wine worth searching out. No rush to open, will age gracefully and improve for years. Dec 2012

1995 Lafarge Volnay Clos des Chenes - High acidity, like the 1995 Lafon, took a long time for the wine to open up. In this case, it never quite came around. Continue to cellar for years. May 2011

1995 Lafon Volnay Santenots du Milieu - Black pepper, rich big fruit, took a long time for the wine to open up, when it did, excellent balance, showed very well. May 2011

1996 Arnoux Echezeaux - Light body, elegent red and black cherry fruits, good minerality, and plenty of structure to easily carry the wine into future. Thought the wine representative of Echezeaux in style, and a delightful wine to drink. No rush to open, will continue to age well. Dec 2012

1996 Brocard Les Clos - Similar to the Brocard Valmur, creamy, however sweeter, holding up very well and nicely balanced, but should drink within the next year or two, fully mature. May 2011

1996 Comte Armand Pommard Clos de Epeneaux - Not a good showing for this wine, bretty, freshly opened plastic bandaid, never really improved over time. Disappointing. May 2011

1996 Maillard Corton Renards - At first, thought it was a rather simple wine with light blue fruits and not a lot else going on, with time in the glass however, made a complete turn around. Subtle sweet cake like and barnyard notes, intertwined with blue and black fruits made this highly interesting. Oct 2011

1996 Ponsot Chapelle Chambertin - Game meats, sweaty leather, nice balance. Initially thought this was the wine of the flight, but in time, came to think the Rousseau showed better. The Ponsot and Rousseau both rated in the 85 point range by Burghound, they were both appreciated more than the 93 and 92 rated wines that follow. Apr 2012

1998 Domaine Leflaive Batard Montrachet - Easily the top wine of the flight for everyone. Young in color and style, highly reduced, flinty, tar, this was a gorgeous wine that did not move from opening through the next three hours. More masculine than the 1998 Domaine Leflaive Chevalier Montrachet previously tasted. Nearly everyone guessed it blind as Leflaive. Apr 2012

1998 Remoissenet Montrachet - Butterscotch, hint of acidity, tea, more browning than the Stony Hill, and more advanced. It was drinking less than expectations. Having tasted the wine three plus times, this bottle showed just ok. Apr 2012

1999 d’Angerville Volnay Champans - Very young drinking, barrel sample like, cassis, spice, cinnamon, forest floor and firm acidity. The wine should be aged considerably longer before opening. May 2011

1999 d’Angerville Volnay Clos des Ducs - A beautiful, big, age worthy wine with nice spice, earth and chocolate notes. Plenty of life ahead of the wine, second best of the evening. May 2011

1999 DRC Vosne Romanee Cuvee Duvault Blochet 1er - Red fruits, clean, ripe and easy drinking medium bodied wine. First time I have ever tasted a Premier Cru DRC, found it a very nice enjoyable wine. Would continue to age this as well, has a long way to go before it hits maturity. Dec 2011

1999 Jadot Clos St. Jacques - Game, leather, excellent balance and complexity. A beautiful wine with nothing out of place. Very good drinking wine right now, not minding a wine on the younger side, could easily age for many years. Apr 2012

1999 Joblot Givry 1st Cru Cellier Aux Moines - Gamey, light body, not a long going on, but all together not unpleasant either. Apr 2012

1999 Potel Volnay Taillepieds - Dark fruits, green, somewhat similar style to the 1999 d’Angerville Volnay Champans, however less resolved. Continue to age for years. May 2011

1999 Rousseau Charmes Chambertin - A nice ripe wine, cherry liquor, first impression was it had no finish. Initially thought it was just an ok wine, with time in the glass, improved considerably. The vast majority thought this was the wine of the flight. Apr 2012

2000 Domaine d Auvenay Auxey-Duresses - One of the best white burgundies we have tasted in years! Had it been served blind, would have guessed a Coche Dury. Flinty nose, rich yeasty, highly complex palate, and a lengthy citrus finish. It kept giving back more and more the longer it sat in the glass. The wine was youthful, highly balanced, good level of acidity, and will continue to improve with additional cellaring. Days after the tasting, still thinking about the wine it was that good! Dec 2013

2000 Dugat Py Charmes Chambertin - Youthful, somewhat barrel sample like, but with a highly distracting bandaid brett. Expected this to easily be the top wine of the flight, turned out to be a disappointment. Highly anticipated tasting this wine, unfortunately it did not show well. Apr 2012

2000 Fevre Valmur - Right out of the gate, highly enjoyable. Clean, pure, good balance, also mineral. In about an hour, started to decline and became less interesting. May 2011

2001 Dauvissat Les Clos - A powerful, very big Chablis, focused, firm acidity, nice citrus fruits, kept getting better over the span of the evening. Would continue to cellar. May 2011

2001 Domaine Leroy Fremieres - Found the wine strikingly similar to the Boudot, rich blue and black fruit, however far more acidity and tannic structure. The better of the two Leroy, this wine will benefit with additional cellar aging. Thought it showed very well, a delightful wine. Dec 2013

2001 Drouhin Chambolle Musigny - Firm acidity, simply in style, not a lot to the wine that made it particularly appealing. May 2011

2001 Hospices de Beaune Mazis Chambertin Henri Boillot Cuvee Madeleine Collignon - A nice drinking wine, in perhaps five to ten plus years! It was very young, tightly wound, plenty of dark fruits, and very tannic. Everything was in place, but just highly reduced. Suggest letting the wine age considerably longer before opening. Aug 2012

2001 Lucien le Moine Bonnes Mares - Bright clean fruit, surprising lack of tannin, was mature, round, full bodied, but in no way on the decline. It lacked a certain earth, mineral, spice, and tannic quality you might expect. Jan 2012

2001 Raveneau Valmur - An awesome wine, immediately showed very tight and youthful. Acidity was prevalent, however well in check with the fruit. Some notable lemon citrus and subtle oyster shell, found the wine deep and complex. Over time, it very slowly opened up, and revisited the wine frequently over the approximately 4 to 5 hours tasted. One of the most reduced Raveneau I have tasted, could easily continue to age this wine for a significant period of time. Jun 2012

2001 Raveneau Blanchot - Floral, pretty, feminine nose, yet restrained on the palate initially. Had a highly interesting nutty quality to the wine, but not from oxidiation. After a little time in the glass, thought it mature, but hours into the tasting, kept giving up more power and complexity. When the wine hit its peak, noted a pleasant saline quality and custard like mouthfeel. Overall, the Blanchot was rounder, and perhaps flashier, but appreciated more the restrained power of the Valmur. Jun 2012

2002 Brocard Valmur - The wine of the flight, was creamy, lemon cake, and medium bodied with a fat mid palate. With a light spice on the palate, had nearly perfect balance! May 2011

2002 Chevillon Nuits St. Georges Saint Georges - Quickly identifed as Burgundy by all. It was earthy, mineral, gritty, with notable barnyard and animal notes. In time, more rugged and rustic. A very well made wine and standout among the three Pinot Noirs. May 2012

2002 DRC Vosne Romanee Cuvee Duvault Blochet 1er - Barrel sample like initially, took a long time in the glass to open up, and when it did, noted some spice, cherry, and pomegranate. Best to age this wine for many years. Should have opened this flight prior to the Vogue to give it plenty of time to breathe. Dec 2011

2002 Fevre Valmur - Dusty, lemon and orange citrus, as well as exotic tropical fruits. Initially thought it was going to be wine of the flight, but in time, thought it the Brocard. May 2011

2002 Jean Marc Brocard Valmur - Fully mature, at first thought this was going to be a very good Chablis. Had a nice crisp oyster shell palate, though pretty light bodied. Did not pickup any sweetness, sometimes apparent with the producer. Revisiting the wine after about 15 minutes on, it began a relative quick decline. Did not enjoy the wine as much as others at the table. Aug 2012

2002 Leroy Meursault Blagny 1er - An absolutely stunning wine, nice minerality, subtle citrus, and stone, the pear like fruit was well in proportion with all other components. Over the evening, it kept improving in the glass, highly balanced and complex. With no signs of oxidation, could easily continue to age the wine, but suggest opening it now. A near perfect Meursault, in a sweet spot! Feb 2012

2002 Niellon Chassagne Montrachet 1er Cru Clos St. Jean - Initially thought the acidity on this wine was pretty high and a little astringent. Tight, not very charming, it did open up in time and improved considerably. The wine paired very well with the seafood course, and had it been blind, would have called it out as a Chablis. Overall, thought it was a good wine, and one that should be cellared for many years. Feb 2012

2002 Pierre Amiot Clos de la Roche - A nice easy drinking wine, however in very tough company next to the Hubert Lignier. Some minerality, dusty, rustic fruits, but lacked depth, balance and complexity. An okay drinking experience that on its own was pleasant, but just not to Grand Cru expectations. Like the Lignier, maintained a consistent style throughout the evening, however do not think the wine will improve considerably with additional cellar aging. Feb 2012

2003 Vincent Girardin Charmes Chambertin - Initially liked this wine, twigs and barnyard, easy drinking. In time, became funky, bretty, and vanilla, it seems to have lost the initial qualities that made it interesting. Do not think this one will age particularly well, my least favorite wine of the tasting. Oct 2011

2004 Domaine Blain Gagnard Le Montrachet - Lemon cake, complex, tight, steely, and slow to open up. In time, picked up an interesting and appealing floral, mint quality. A stunning, exceptional wine that was incredibly slow to open up over the span of the evening. This is one of the wines I kept thinking about for a few days after the dinner, if offered up so much quality. Dec 2011

2004 Domaine Chevalier Corton Charlemagne - Well structured, big wine, excellent power and balance, slightly flinty and highly age worthy. A gorgeous wine. May 2011

2004 Bouchard Corton Charlemagne - An awesome Corton Charlemagne, the wine has not changed significantly from other times tasted over the past few years. Sulfur, flinty, lemon citrus, mineral, floral, and still very firm acidity. Could easily continue to age this gorgeous wine for many more years! Aug 2012

2004 Bouchard Montrachet - A more open round Montrachet, thought it pretty, floral and feminine. Acid lurked in the background but fruit was forward. Had this wine young. Back then, it was completely shut down, nearly impossible to access. A lovely wine. No rush to open, but suggest it will not improve considerably with additional cellar aging. Dec 2013

2004 Fevre Clos - Moderate browning in color and heavily oxidized. Have tasted this wine 3+ times in the past year or so, and nothing remotely similar to this bottle. Expected tight acidity, this bottle was completely flawed. Very surprised how poorly it showed. Apr 2012

2004 Jadot Corton Charlemagne - An excellent Jadot, mature without showing signs of oxidation, bread yeast, subtle minerality, and light sweet citrus. In a sweet spot right now, will not improve with cellar aging. My favorite white wine of the evening. May 2012

2004 Jadot Montrachet - Strikingly similar to the Gagnard initially, advanced quickly and became more full bodied and rounder. It was creamier with hints of vanilla and lime. This was likewise an excellent wine, though a far more mature Montrachet that will not likely improve with additional cellar aging. Enjoyed the wine a great deal, and it was fun to taste next to the Blaine Gagnard. Dec 2011

2004 Roulot Meix Chavaux - The Roulot was top wine of a flight where all were quite enjoyable but stylistically different. Found it balanced, round, easy drinking and slightly fuller bodied than the others. May 2014

2005 Henri Boillot Clos de la Mouchere - Wine of the flight and white wine of the night, the Boillot was easily identified as White Burgundy. Firm acidity, lemon/lime, some subtle oyster shell, perfect balance, a very well made and youthful wine. May 2012

2005 Henri Boillot Corton Charlemagne - A big powerful wine of the group, with excellent balance, citrus, toast, and lightly reduced, a highly age worthy wine. Jan 2012

2005 Domaine Leflaive Clavoillon - More advanced than expected, but still drinking very well, did not have the powerful sulfur, black tar, I often get from the wine, it was buried in the background. Nose was a touch astringent, slightly reduced. Improved considerably with time in the glass. A very nice wine. May 2012

2005 Louis Latour Corton Grancey - A good showing by the Corton. Light to medium body, strawberry fruit, resolved with no RS, sometimes apparent in other Corton Grancey tasted. Thought it was a good wine, expected a little more density prior to opening. May 2012

2005 Pernot Bienvenues Batard Montrachet - Mature, almost lightly oxidized, some citrus deeply buried in the wine. Correctly guessed it as a Burgundy, but thought it had more age on it than a 2005. An ok wine, not sure it is going to hold up well in time. Dec 2012

2008 Domaine William Fevre Preuses - Of the two white wines, the Preuses was the standout. Some initial funk on the nose that blew off quickly, a crisp, balanced, and youthful good drinking Chablis. Nothing out of place, drank very well. April 2014

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