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Santa Rosa Fine Wine makes every effort to offer wines of sound quality and good to excellent provenance. However, due to the nature of older wines, condition and fill level vary. If the condition of a bottle is notably different from what is common given the age and make of the wine, it will be noted in the product details.

With few exceptions, all wines offered by Santa Rosa Fine Wine are Base Neck fill level and above. Older vintage wines offered may have fill levels Very Top Shoulder or above. While label condition does not impact wine quality, Santa Rosa Fine Wine always strives to acquire wines with clean to pristine condition labels.


Bordeaux Fill Level Descriptions (Ullage):

BN - Base Neck or above - Perfectly acceptable for any age wine. Outstanding for any wine 10 years or older.

TS - Top Shoulder or Very Top Shoulder - Normal for a quality wine approximately 15 years or older.

US - Upper Shoulder - Acceptable and common for wines 20 years or older. Usually not a problem. Some risk.

MS - Mid Shoulder - More common in wines exceeding 30 to 40 years of age. Higher than normal risk.

LS - Low Shoulder - Very risky fill level. Wine is typically undrinkable. Purchase only for historical or aesthetic value.

Ullage on Burgundy style wine bottles are characterized differently than Bordeaux bottles because of the slope of the bottle neck. Generally, it is measured as the distance in centimeters from the bottom of the wine cork to the top level of the wine.

Santa Rosa Fine Wine strives to acquire wines that are 2 cm or less. For older wines, may offer 3 cm levels. This is common in order vintages of a quality wine, posing little risk. On very old bottles, 3 cm is generally considered excellent condition.


Burgundy Fill Level Descriptions (Ullage):

2 cm or less - Perfectly acceptable for any age wine.

3 cm - Normal for a wine approximately 10 years old.

4 cm - Normal for wines approximately 20 to 30 years of age.

5 cm - Common for wines exceeding approximately 30 years of age.

6 cm and greater - Common for wines exceeding 35 to 50 years of age.

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