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Fine Wine Collectors start accumulating wines for various reasons. For some, it is purely an investment, for others, a desire to collect drinkable value based wines for everyday enjoyment, and finally, there is the Fine Wine Collector, the passionate collector who seeks out the best wine ever made! While every person may have a little of each type of wine collector in him, he likely has a leaning toward one of the types.

Value Based Wine Collector – Seeks out wine that is enjoyable to his particular palate. This type of collector will generally seek out the best quality at the best price that satisfies their individual taste. Generally he buys to drink wine sooner rather than later.

Investment Based Wine Collector – Seeks out wine that will appreciate in value over time. This type of collector generally shares much in common with the fine wine collector. They seek fine and rare wines that are both scarce and age worthy. His ultimate goal is to one day sell the wine, perhaps years later, for a profit.

Fine Wine Collector - Seeks the finest wine available. Generally they seek out the best wine money can buy among fine and rare wines. Similar to the investment based collector, he seeks out highly rated, low production, age worthy wines. He buys the wine sometimes knowing it will not be opened for years until reaching peak maturity.

Santa Rosa Fine Wine carries only fine and rare wine of the highest quality and condition, yet at some of the best prices in country, often times the world. Whether you’re a Value, Investment, or Fine Wine Collector, some general strategies should be employed in building a collection.

Wine Buying – Buy wines only from very honest, ethical and reputable wine sources. Ask your merchant questions and get to know them. What do they drink and enjoy? Do they have a quality focus? What do they consider excellent quality? The more you have a relationship with your merchant, the better they are able to help in your future wine buying.

Provenance - Always attempt to buy wines that have been stored and transported properly since released from the Chateau or Winery. Reputable wine merchants will generally be able to describe the history of wines purchased. While most wine merchants cannot and will not guarantee the contents of a wine bottle, risk is greatly reduced if they purchase carefully.

Wine Storage – For the value based wine collector, there are numerous wine refrigerators on the market that store up to 100+ bottles. This is an excellent choice for short term storage. Investment and Fine Wine Collectors however should consider buying a large wine storage area, or store in a professional wine storage facility. Generally advise is to build far more space than you think you may need. Once starting a collection, might be surprised how fast it grows beyond original estimates!

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